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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes this a neighborhood church?

This means that we listen to our neighbors and plan our ministries with their input and help to serve each other and the wider community. Jesus said to love our neighbor as our self. We are creating ministries with our neighbors that will bless and empower the people and families that live in our neighborhood and beyond.

Where are you located?

We are located at 3205 South Main St. Winston-Salem. We share the building and property that belongs to Christ Lutheran Church (a small Lutheran congregation). This is our permanent home and we give thanks for their hospitality and welcome.

Are you part of Christ Lutheran Church?

No. Christ Lutheran is a separate church from us. They have agreed to let us use this building and property, and to create a welcoming space for the families and children to play, worship, and participate in ministry together. We give thanks that they have opened their door to us, so that we can open our doors to everyone!